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Real Housewives on the Second Screen!

The Real Housewives of Orange County celebrated its 100th Episode recently and the folks at Bravo wanted something special to celebrate the occasion.

Bravo wanted a fun second screen activity for viewers to experience while watching this landmark episode of their hit reality show.

It just so happens that we’ve been developing a new second screen HTML5 trivia platform, so everyone agreed that the Real Housewives would be the perfect first application for our new engine.  Together, we created…

Real Housewives of Orange County

Second Screen Trivia!

How well do you know the ladies of Coto de Caza?


Play Featured Quizzes LIVE As the Episode Airs!

Recent studies suggest that nearly half of all smartphone and tablet users reported using their devices as a second screen while watching television every day. Second Screen supplements to movies and shows are the next hot ticket, so we’ve created a trivia engine that lets us create quizzes based on the air date of your favorite program!

Create a quiz for upcoming episodes and schedule them to appear when the relevant  episode airs. Viewers can tune in to Real Housewives of Orange County and answer trivia questions based on the episode they’re currently watching!

Even better, if you play a quiz during that episode’s broadcast window, you’ll earn double points!


Play Anywhere on Any Device

Wherever you play, our trivia platform will scale screen elements to fit your device. We’ve spoken elsewhere about the benefits of HTML5. Using HTML5, our trivia engine will play on the Web, on Tablet, iPhone, iPad…the list of devices we support is endless.



Enjoy a Second Screen Trivia Experience

Or Choose from Themed Quizzes 

Check In to a quiz for the full experience!

Between episodes, players can still enjoy the wives’ antics with a selection of themed quizzes based on Real Housewives of Orange County episodes, characters, and themes. Create an Account to save rewards and gain levels. Link your account to Facebook and you can see how your friends are doing and compete with them in Quiz Challenges!


Answer a Variety of Question Types

Different types of questions keep things interesting

Players answer different types of questions including True or False, Multiple Choice, Either Or, and Match questions. Additionally, our trivia engine allows us to show Videos, Static Images, or play Sound Files and then ask players questions on what they’ve just seen or heard!

Quizzes may be composed of any combination and number of questions and question types. Whatever kinds of quizzes you need, we got you covered!


Compete Against Real Opponents!

Compete against old friends...and new ones!

You’re not just answering questions in Real Housewives of Orange County Trivia, you’re competing against other players! After selecting a quiz, you’re introduced to four other actual players you’ll be playing against. They may be your friends, they may be strangers, or they may be a combination of both, but throughout the quiz, you can see when they answer questions, whether they’re getting them right, and how your scores are matching up. At the end of a quiz, you get extra points for finishing ahead of your opponents.

Our trivia platform also allows players to challenge one another to Quiz Challenges. Select a Quiz, Choose a Friend, and Send the Challenge. The winner gets added rewards for crushing the competition!


Buy and Use Helpful Powerups

Buy Powerups to boost your scores!

Sometimes you need a little help. Players can use the coins they earn from completing quizzes to purchase powerups that help increase scores.

Boosts double the player’s points for one question. Helpers automatically answer one question correctly. Streaks give a player double points for every successive question they can answer correctly. Plan your powerup usage carefully and you’ll fly to the top of the Leaderboards.


Earn Awesome Achievements, Gain Levels

and Dominate the Leaderboards!

Earn Achievements for a variety of actions

Every action a player can perform in Real Housewives of Orange County is tracked for Achievement rewards. Players can visit the Achievements screen to view all the Achievements they’ve unlocked, as well as plan how to get the ones they haven’t earned yet. Answer questions, complete quizzes, buy powerups, send challenges…sooner or later everything you do will be noticed and rewarded!


A Plug and Play Second Screen Solution for ANY Brand!

Adapting our Trivia Platform to fit your brand is quick and easy. Instant Second Screen Experience!

Our trivia application has been designed from the ground up to be a plug and play option for brands seeking a painless second screen solution. Achievements, Powerups, Fonts, Logos, everything can easily be changed to match any brand. All content is maintained through an easy to use Content Management System. Use the intuitive quiz wizard to upload images, select question types, enter questions & answers, and before you know it, you’ve got a quiz!

Check out The Real Housewives of Orange County Trivia here!

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We’ve had the opportunity to work with DreamWorks before on fun games for Puss in Boots, Kung Fu Panda, and many of their other properties, so we were thrilled when DreamWorks came to us wanting to create a suite of activities to promote their upcoming Croods film.

We were intrigued by the story about a family of the ‘Croodaceous’ era dealing with generational difficulties while looking for a new home…all in a world of fantastic and dangerous creatures.

DreamWorks' newest film The Croods!

We couldn’t wait to get our grubby little hands back in the DreamWorks toybox.

But DreamWorks wanted more than just a game. They wanted to create a Croods activity exploring the rich world and crazy animals of the Croodaceous era. And they wanted fans to be able to experience that world and those animals across all platforms.

So we made the Croods Croodaceous Creature Collector!

Get to know the wild animal combinations represented by the creatures of the Croodaceous era!

Using our new HTML5 Engine, we created a fun matching game that can be played however you access the internet! Fans can explore the fun animal combinations of Croodaceous era creatures on their desktops, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, tablets, and more.

Solve the clues and reveal the hidden Croodaceous creature!

Click the stones to find the characteristics referred to in the riddle.


Learn about the Croodaceous creature you’ve discovered and print fun info sheets at home!


View all the creatures you’ve unlocked and build your Croodaceous collection!

Croods is a bona fide hit and we are proud to have been able to create the Croods Croodaceous Creature Collector to  promote its success and to serve as an example of our new HTML5 engine.

Play Croods Croodaceous Creature Collector HERE!

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SMERC + HTML5 = The future of the mobile web!

How we engage with the web is changing

The most difficult task for anyone working in the rapidly changing fields of mobile and social gaming is to recognize and prepare for coming trends. These fields are constantly evolving and our job at SMERC is to anticipate changes and create solutions for them so that we can meet a client’s current needs and help prepare them to meet future needs.

This is how you view the web


The mobile device is becoming the preferred tool for accessing the internet.

The Pew Research Center revealed that 62% of the entire US adult population had used their mobile devices to access the internet in the past 30 days, and that 45% of 18-29 year olds and 17% of ALL mobile device owners rely on their devices for the majority of their online activities. This has nearly doubled over the last three years and the numbers are only going up.


Studies by Morgan Stanley point to the explosive growth of the mobile market and suggest that within a year the number of people who use mobile devices to access the internet will overtake the number of people who exclusively rely on desktop computers.


With so many people relying on their mobile devices to access the internet, it is becoming increasingly necessary for your website, game, or application to be optimized for the mobile experience.  To this end, SMERC has developed a sophisticated HTML5 engine that optimizes performance across platforms.


HTML5: The only solution for cross-platform mobile applications.

Our HTML5 engine allows us to create dynamic games and applications with all the gameplay and social functionality expected from Flash and other programming languages, but with the cross-platform potential that only HTML5 offers.

Whether users access your app on their desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet, HTML5 offers a consistent experience across all browsers.


But don’t take our word for it…

Check out the Croodaceous Creature Collector, an activity we created for DreamWorks to promote the theatrical release of The Croods:

Discover the Croodaceous creatures and unlock printable fact sheets!

Click HERE to play the Croods Croodaceous Creature Collector…

OR check out the game we made for our own Game Cloud Network Portal featuring full gamification integration in addition to the addictive gameplay that has become the SMERC standard:

Help the leprechaun untangle his rainbow by matching colored shapes!

CONTACT US to find out how HTML5 can help you meet your needs.


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Girlgamer gives SELF Workout in the Park a 9.0!

Girlgamer took a look at our new Facebook game SELF Workout in the Park and seemed to like what they saw:

Playing SELF Workout in the Park has honestly been a motivating factor in all the real-life exercise I’ve been getting lately. It’s a great mix of instant gratification and short to mid-range goals. A few ladies I know who play the game get really competitive and have fun with it.

We are really glad to hear that people are finding Workout in the Park as motivational as it is fun. We worked hard to create an experience that took the typical social game structure and…ran with it. As GG says,

Rather than invest in a farm, zoo, etc. players invest in themselves (or rather an avatar version of themselves), earning Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness.

It’s awesome that people are picking up what we’re putting down. Click here to read the entire review!

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Self Workout in the Park launches

Few things are worse in the world than a flabby avatar.

- The New York Times

They  grow up so fast. You blink and they’re out the door. Making their way in the world. And you’re just. So. Proud. It is with the pride of a creepily overbearing father that SMERC announces the release out into the world of our new massive social game, Self Workout in the Park.  

Design a park this pretty. Double dare ya.


Based on Self magazine’s massive annual events by the same name, Workout in the Park integrates real world pursuits with elements of social gaming to create an inimitable experience. Workout in the Park has players create and customize an avatar and design a park in which the avatar can work out. Working out and completing fitness, nutrition, and wellness challenges help earn players experience to level up their avatar. Leveling up unlocks even more customization options. Working out also increases an avatar’s body tone, changing how she looks.

My avatar is a hottie!

Players can visit friends’ parks or invite friends over to work out on their equipment. Particularly friendly players can send encouragement and resources to friends struggling to meet their fitness goals.

Have the girls over and work out together.


With the Workout in the Park mobile app, players can create real-life fitness goals and chart their progress for in-game benefits. The mobile app also features fun minigames players can master, as well as the opportunity to check in at sponsored events and locations, both of which provide experience to their avatar!

Many people had observed the growing presence of women in the world of gaming, especially social gaming, but no one seemed willing to do anything about it. Don’t worry guys, we nailed that one.

Many people had observed the need for publishers to adapt to the changing digital landscape, but no one seemed competent to show the way. Don’t worry, nailed that one too.

And many people had worried about the effects of technology on our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, but no one seemed able to create a cross-platform gaming experience that rewards real-world participation and personal fitness growth. Nailed it.

We are proud to see Workout in the Park off into the world, but we are far more excited to see how it’s going to change the world of social media.

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XARM launches

“Kickboxing. Sport of the future.”  -  Lloyd Dobbler.

XARM F.U. for iphone

XARM F.U. for iphone

Lloyd was a man of his time. Let me introduce you to the true sport of the future.

XARM F.U. brings you to the table for “The Roughest 3 Minutes in Sports”. XARM is the newest hand-to-hand combat sport from the Creator of the UFC, Art Davie. Train with coaches who developed the official sport, and compete against athletes who fight in the real world league.


XARM video

XARM video

SMERC is once again breaking ground with the awesome new action sport fighter XARM F.U. This intense 3-D fighting game give brings you the next iteration of MMA fighting. The setup allows players to punch and kick one another while arm wrestling.  If you’ve stopped chuckling at the image this brings to mind then download the app and get to fighting

The downloads speak for themselves. 35000 in the first week. That my friend, smells like success. Or at least virtual sweat and blood spilled in manly combat.

Go ahead and download it for yourself here:

The app has been sited  by Appilocious for its innovative controls and another first – live action video at virtual goods in a mobile game. Purchase new moves by watching videos explaining the moves. Scout other players by watching videos and earn boosts for your player.

We’ll post later about why this is a breakthrough transmedia event. How many other sports do you know that launches as a digital property before their television debut? SMERC has been integral to forming the digital strategy that is bringing this incredible sport into focus.

You can read all aboutthe sport on teh XARM site.:

Maybe the next post will be about Vision Quest…..



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Hercules is out now. Go get it!

Hercules for iPhone

Hercules for iPhone

For those of you wondering just how chock full o’ awesome Hercules is the wait is over. You can go download our latest masterpiece which is on sale FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY fro $1.99.

We assure you, the game is definitely worth $2. GO GET IT NOW! You won’t regret it.

For more information visit the official website:

Hercules for iPhone

16 insanely entertaining levels

Hercules for iPhone

Fight many cool beasts like the Scorpion King

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Cellphone in New Role: Loyalty Card


Loyalty cards — those little paper cards that promise a free sandwich or coffee after 10 purchases, but instead get lost or forgotten — are going mobile. And merchants are looking for ways to marry the concept to games that customers can play to earn more free items and, it is hoped, spend more money.

We love this article. It fits in with our mantra that everything is a game. Loyalty programs have always had game-like properties a game, so it makes sense that these be structured around digital and real world play. Don’t be surprised if you are playing games while in the check out line of your favorite grocery store sometime soon. In some ways what we’re seeing is simply a defined rule set which allows measured competition for activities that have always been played like a game.

Check out teh article and let us know what you think.

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Searching With Google On Your Mobile? Expect To See Apps In Your Results


Google is working hard to be the best search engine on the go, and today is tweaking their algorithms to include applications in their mobile results. If you use an iPhone or Android device, for certain search terms Google will now offer you an application to download along with your regular search results.

One of the greatest drawbacks for developers and users to the Google market place, all Android AppStores, and the iTunes Appstore presently is the  lack of visibility for apps. Users can’t find quality apps that are relevant to them easily.
Curation, up till now was based on apps that are most popular or are those that are curated by the Appstore gatekeepers. This new innovation by Google has the potential to change the face of the smart phone app market. We’re very excited about it. Check out the full article to learn more.

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Microsoft is getting destroyed in smartphone race


Here’s February’s data compared to the three month period before:

* RIM is at 42.1% for December to February period, compared to 40.8% for the September to November period.

* Apple is at 25.4%, compared to 25.5%.

* Microsoft is at 15.1% compared to 19.1%.

* Android is at 9%, compared to 3.8%.

* Palm is at 5.4% compared to 7.2%.

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